Very Early Smoke Detection

Very Early Smoke Detection

Very Early Smoke Detection System

The earliest possible fire detection brings significant time benefits, which enable counter measures to be taken. Modern air sampling smoke detection systems are able to detect fires with a thousand times more sensitivity than point-type smoke detectors, and also to detect fires in their early phase from just 1 gram of material combustion. Unlike point-type smoke detectors, which are only triggered at a much later stage, they offer a considerable time benefit.

To ensure the earliest fire detection, the new air sampling smoke detection system is able to detect, identify and evaluate individual substances. This represents a milestone in early fire detection and is unique in the market.  As a result, false alarms are a thing of the past. 

The new system is based on a further development of the optical detection technique High Power Light Source, which analyses aerosols and defines whether smoke or another disturbance is involved. This additional classification makes the system superior to other technologies.

Further development of the optical detection system enables entirely new fire safety solutions for various applications. For example, the system identifies the smoke of a cigarette as disturbance and forwards the according information.

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