Voice Evacuation

Voice Evacuation

The fast route to EVAC compliancy

The Plena Voice Alarm System is the fast route to EVAC-compliant emergency evacuation in schools, hotels, shopping centers, supermarkets, recreation facilities, factories, offices and similar applications where public safety is a major concern.

IEC60849 conformity

The Plena Voice Alarm System is certified by TÜV for IEC60849, the international standard for voice alarm systems. It fully meets the stringent requirements of this standard (and its national equivalents). The Plena Voice Alarm System includes all essential functionality such as system supervision, spare amplifier switching, loud speaker line surveillance, a built-in message manager
and comprehensive front panel controls and indicators.

Plug-and-play convenience

The Plena Voice Alarm is a plug-and-play system based on a controller with an emergency microphone, a built-in 240 W power amplifier and message routing for up to 6 zones.

The controller can either be used as a simple stand-alone solution for smaller applications or easily extended up to 60 zones using 6-zone routers. Up to 8 call stations and 32 call station keypads with programmable keys can be connected to take care of message routing. Interconnections are made using standard RJ45 connectors and CAT5 cabling. Additional Plena power amplifiers are added to create a two-channel system or to deliver extra power.

Remote control panels

Optional remote control panels that duplicate the Plena Voice Alarm’s user interface allow the system to be placed in a basement or in a fi re-resistant cabinet while operating the system from another part of the building or location. A kit for integrating a custom fi reman’s panel is also available.

Configurable functionality

The system is easy to set up for specific applications using DIP-switches for setting the basic functionality and a PC for more advanced system confi guration. The built-in message manager is fully supervised and has capacity for up to 255 spoken messages. The messages can be merged to allow even more fl exible use of pre-recorded announcements and evacuation messages.

Contributing to a safer world

With an installed base of security solutions throughout the world, Bosch is synonymous with quality and innovation in public address, congress systems, on-site paging, integrated building and  alarm management, fire- and intrusion systems and CCTV. Drawing on this vast experience, we have developed the EVAC-compliant Plena Voice Alarm System to meet your requirements and contribute to a safer world for the public at large.

For more information please visit www.boschsecurity.asia

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