Public Address

Public Address

Whether it is a local supermarket, a larger retail chain, an office complex, warehouse, or a popular self-service lunch spot, every location is unique with its own specific requirements. This is why the Bosch engineers designed this comprehensive and highly functional range of public address equipment.

Plena Public Address Solutions can be used to tailor virtually any public address system to the precise needs of small-to-mid-sized locations. It can develop to an extensive, multi-zone public
address configuration with digital messaging, automated functions and additional power capability.

A qualified Bosch dealer will be more than happy to advise which Plena Public Address Solutions are best suited to the site and desired functionality. Bosch dealers can help you automate your current Plena system with a digital message manager and weekly timer, increase your input options with a background music source or even help you extend your system’s power capabilities. With Plena Public Address Solutions, extending a public address system or integrating time-saving automation is easy and efficient. Sturdy and durable, all Plena Public Address Solutions by Bosch are built to last without overlooking user-friendly functionality, sound quality and speech intelligibility.

System Pre-Amplifier

ï‚„ Six-zone capability
ï‚„ Two inputs for multiple loop-through call stations
ï‚„ Separate music and call channels with dedicated tone controls
ï‚„ Emergency input with Voice Activated Switching (VOX)
ï‚„ Selectable alarm tone, time signal and chimes

This high performance, versatile public address preamplifier features single channel and dual channel operation for simultaneous calls and background music. Extremely flexible with up to six-zone coverage, this amplifier is designed to be used with the Plena message manager/timer and Plena amplifiers.

Power Amplifiers

ï‚„ EN 54-16, ISO 7240-16 and EN 60849 certified (evacuation standards)
ï‚„ 120 W*, 240 W, 480 W and 1000 W units
ï‚„ 70 V, 100 V and low-impedance outputs
ï‚„ Temperature-controlled fan
ï‚„ 3 inputs with priority switching

Compact, these power amplifiers with pilot tone supervision are available in 120 W, 240 W, 480 W and 1000 W versions. Highly dependable and solidly built, these amplifiers are protected against
overload, short circuits and overheating. With 100 V - 8 ohm (70 V - 4 ohm) main power and a 24 V backup power connection, they provide the required power for any application.

All-in-One BGM/Paging System

ï‚„ Out-of-the-box solution for music and announcements
ï‚„ Dual zone 120 W mixer amplifier
ï‚„ Emergency input with Voice Activated Switching (VOX)
ï‚„ DVD/CD player with MP3 compatibility
ï‚„ Digital FM tuner with 10 presets

A versatile audio/video solution for background music, announcements, paging and video presentation, this all-inone unit is easy to install and use. Practical and universally compatible, users can listen to the radio and play DVDs and CDs including MP3-encoded discs.

Plena SDT Source

ï‚„ MP3 playback from SD card and USB inputs
ï‚„ FM tuner with 30 presets
ï‚„ Simultaneous operation of SD/USB and FM Tuner

The Plena SDT source is the ideal solution for hours of uninterrupted high quality music in public address applications.

Feedback suppressor

ï‚„ Acoustic feedback suppression
based on unique patented algorithm
ï‚„ Suppresses feedback before it occurs
ï‚„ Easy-to-install and operate
ï‚„ 2 input automatic microphone mixer
ï‚„ Superb audio performance

Any installation with a microphone and speakers in the same room can benefit from this professional quality feedback suppressor with sophisticated digital sound processing to maintain top quality sound. With 2 microphone inputs and a built-in auto-mixer, it’s extremely easy-to-use, making it a popular choice in houses of worship, community centers, boardrooms and small-scale
conference facilities.

Message Manager

ï‚„ Stores 12 prerecorded messages
ï‚„ 12 trigger inputs with front-panel and remote control capability
ï‚„ Zone control for the Plena system pre-amplifier
ï‚„ EN 60849 compliant for emergency sound systems

This highly flexible stand-alone digital message manager plays up to 12 messages in WAV format via either trigger inputs or buttons. Users can easily create, manage and upload messages.

Weekly Timer

ï‚„ Two schedules possible
ï‚„ Starts timed messages in combination with mesage manager
ï‚„ Operation of up to 6 contact outputs
ï‚„ Timed music level control
ï‚„ Back-up battery keeps clock running

This accurate digital timing unit is suited for schools, retail chains and shopping malls, office buildings and other venues that need regularly timed messages, signals or automatic actions. Besides automated messages, the system can also be programmed to save energy, shutting off lights and stopping escalators.

Loop Amplifier

ï‚„ High power loop amplifier for up to 600 square meters (6458 sq. feet)
ï‚„ Two mic/line inputs
ï‚„ Built-in limiter and automatic volume control (AVC)
ï‚„ Metal loss compensation
ï‚„ EN 60849 compliant

An ideal way to integrate a solution for assistive listening device users, this loop amplifier is a cost effective unit designed to drive an installed wire loop located in either the floor or ceiling.


 EN 54‑4 certified
ï‚„ Fully supervised 12 A battery charger
 Under‑voltage and over‑voltage protection
ï‚„ 6x 40 A, 3x 5 A outputs
 150 A back‑up current

An intelligent, microprocessor-controlled (24 V) charger guarantees that the system batteries are always charged. Rack-mountable, it charges lead-acid batteries and simultaneously provides 24 V for system components that use 24 V exclusively. This charger is fully compliant and certified to EN 54‑4.

Call stations

ï‚„ All-call and six-zone call stations
ï‚„ Uni-directional condenser microphone on a flexible stem
ï‚„ Excellent speech quality
ï‚„ Matching tabletop condenser microphone
ï‚„ 6 zone call station features selectable gain and speech filter.

Available with or without chimes, all call stations have a flexible stem condenser microphone with a sturdy metal base for excellent stability or flush-mounting.

As a world-class expert with industry-leading research and development, Bosch is known around the world for premium communications products and systems. A company synonymous with innovation, quality and reliability, Bosch consistently introduces trustworthy yet versatile products based on years of experience and close customer interaction.

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