Safety System

Safety System

In order to allow individuals and companies to operate to their full potential it is imperative that they occupy a safe environment. It is also a key requirement that medical staff are adequately equipped to be able to provide aid to those in need of assistance. Employers in certain industries are obliged to protect their staff by providing safety equipment such as hardhats and high-visibility clothing. Ensuring that workers are provided with sufficient illumination for the task they are performing, creating and maintaining clearly signed and unobstructed emergency exits, providing a working environment that is adequately ventilated to protect workers from harmful fumes and chemicals, is also a requirement for every employer. The management of risk and contingency planning in the event of a hazardous situation is now a legal requirement in many countries, as well as an essential aspect of good practice.

GTL provide specialist and associated services for the protection and personal safety of individuals and employees. This includes Emergency Lighting Systems designed to allow safe evacuation from buildings in the event of power failure. Lone Worker Monitoring and Tracking Systems can provide protection to individuals who work remotely such as inspectors or engineers.

GTL can also assist with safety issues within Buildings by the provision of Safe Evacuation Systems and Equipment & Gas Detection together with Public Address Systems to facilitate instant communication with people inside and around the Building, whilst Induction Loop systems assist hearing-impaired people with hearing aids. GTL's Panic Rooms provide a secure refuge in homes, offices or any other building where people may be at risk from the threat of kidnap and / or violence.

GTL have the expertise and experience to assist with design, installation and maintenance in accordance with American Standards, British Standards and European legislation and will happily assist clients meet the required standards.

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