Security System

Security System

Today we face not only the common threats of theft, personal attack, trespassing and information leakage, but also the more serious risk of terrorism on an international scale.

Security is of primary concern to everyone from individuals, who wish to ensure the security of their property from theft and personal intrusion, to governments, non-governmental organisations and multi-national corporations worldwide, who need to protect their staff and key assets.

Security has to be taken seriously by all members of society as threats have widespread and often indiscriminate effects.

The security of a country's infrastructure, including utilities, oil & gas, ports & harbours, transportation, etc, are of top priority as sabotage to these assets can severely hinder a country's ability to operate.

Unauthorised access to Buildings and Compounds can be prevented via GTL's range of Perimeter Security, Access Control, Intruder Detection and Surveillance Systems, together with Solar Lighting, Remote Monitoring and Vehicle Entry Control.

To ensure the safety of persons, an extensive range of Security Screening products is available for the detection of Metal, Weapons, Narcotics and Explosives, Control and Command Systems allow personnel to monitor and control every aspect of security within premises.

Goods, merchandise and information within Buildings can be protected from theft and breach of security by using Electronic Article Surveillance, Counter Surveillance (Bug Detection & Monitoring) and CCTV surveillance, together with a wide range of other security and anti-theft equipment and solutions offered by GTL.

GTL can provide Protective Clothing for staff and Ballistic and Blast Protection for Buildings. RF Jamming for protection of transport and supply lines are also available.

Oil, Gas and Utility infrastructures provide unique security risks and GTL has a wide range of solutions such as Radar and Sonar Detection for land and sub-aqua based attacks, Floating Barriers, Diver Disruption Systems, Fast Craft Detection, Autonomous Underwater Surveillance, together with other security measures, such as, Scanning and Screening Systems for people and baggage arriving on the platform and Persons On-board Monitoring (POB), etc.

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